NetSetMan v4.7.0 多语言中文正式版-IP切换工具



NetSetMan v4.7.0 多语言中文正式版-IP切换工具

Netsetman 可以设置计算机ip地址、子网掩码、默认网关、dns、计算机名、dns 域、工作组、wins、打印机等。除此之外还可以支持运行script(例如:bat、cmd、vbs等等)。使用netsetman 预先设置好一切之后,便可以针对不同的网络环境,用最快的速度,迅速的帮我们更改所需的网络参数值。

NetSetMan v4.2.3 多语言中文正式版-IP切换工具

netsetman pro设置范围说明:
IP 地址(IPv4/IPv6)、网关、DNS服务器、Wins服务器;
WiFi 、计算机名称、工作组、默认打印机、网络驱动器、DNS域;
NIC 状态、SMTP 服务器、脚本 (VS/JS等)
系统设置(显示模式、 屏幕保护程序、 墙纸和颜色、 电源计划、 设计和声音方案、 扬声器与麦克风的音量)

For Windows: XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (32/64 Bit)

NEW Tool: TCP/UDP Connections (IPv4 & IPv6)
Windows Tools menu items can now be disabled in NSM Administration
Tool “Adapters Details” now shows modified and original MAC addresses
Fix: Version 4.6 had multiple issues with Windows XP
Fix: Network Scanner remained enabled in Compact Mode even if
NSM Tools were disabled in NSM Administration
Fix: Reassigning NICs in AutoSwitch conditions for copied ini file
Fix: Combining multiple error messages in NSM WiFi Management
Fix: Global AutoSwitch options remained active with disabled AutoSwitch
Fix: Error message in System Settings when changing the computer name

– Network Scanner: Additionally to the built-in MAC-OUI vendors list
selection, you can now place the official oui.txt from ieee.org in
the program folder to get the complete OUI data.
Or download a sanitized version from here: http://linuxnet.ca/ieee/oui/
– New “Programs” option for preventing multiple instances of the same exe
– Built-in MAC-OUI vendor now also displayed in NIC and WiFi Management
– Improved Network Scanner results for low-energy target devices
– Ping network packets are now identical to Windows pings
– AutoSwitch info dialog UI improved
– Increased compatibility for Speed/Duplex, MTU, Flow Control, VLAN ID
– Fix: Displaying incorrect context menu for IP input fields
– Fix: Console-Tool with non-Latin characters
– Fix (Pro): Rare problem with command line license installation
– Fix (Pro): Problem with portable mode in certain constellations

– NEW Tool: Network Scanner
Scan networks by IP range (IPv4 & IPv6), subnet (CIDR), ARP & NDP cache
Get details like name, MAC, domain/workgroup, OS, network shares, etc.
Multithreading for scanning large numbers of IPs simultaneously
Highly compatible and flexible by using new and old protocols
Copy details, open targets, export results, send Wake-On-LAN
Favorites list for customizing frequently used targets
Detailed information of network printers (shared or directly connected)
Real-time search filter for all results
Further details: www.netsetman.com/network-scanner
– Fix: Some setup parameters have been ignored
– Fix: Minimizing application didn’t save profile changes
– Fix: Pressing ENTER in IP fields resulted in an error message
– Fix: High-DPI problems (query dialogs, AutoSwitch menu items click area)
– Fix: Firefox Proxy is now also available for user-specific installations
– Fix: Autorun in Preferences dialog not showing its state correctly
– Fix: Multiple memory leaks
– Tool “Adapters Details” is now sorted by type and name
– Lots of minor fixes and adjustments

– NEW: AutoSwitch Option: “Automatically switch to the WiFi access point
with the strongest signal (10% tolerance) of the current SSID”
– Fix: Closing running instances during setup failed in rare cases
– Fix: Reading current settings for Gateway and DNS auto/static
– Fix: Third-party VPN Client recognition failed for x64 clients
– Fix: Missing Shrew Soft VPN Client profiles with a dot in their name
– Fix: Some special characters in printer names weren’t displayed correctly
– Fix: Wrong connection speed displayed in certain constellations
– AutoSwitch LAN/WiFi switcher now ignores manual NIC state changes
– If Windows reinstalls a NIC after a Windows or driver update, the old
NIC references will now automatically be replaced with the new ones

– NEW: NSM Tools! Useful network related utilities (two now, more to come)
– NEW: Tool “Console” with easy and comfortable access to Windows command
line tools like ping, tracert, nslookup, netstat and ipconfig.
With predefined parameters and a target IP/name history list.
– NEW: Tool “Adapters Details” providing detailed information about all
network adapters and interfaces in an exportable tree or table view.
– Fix: A forced shutdown or bluescreen could have broken the settings file
– Fix: Opening NSM WiFi Management with unlocked NSM Administration
– Fix: WiFi dialog now remains in the foreground during profile import/export
– Fix: Logon feature might have removed the focus from the password field
– Fix: High-DPI scaling for items in Logon menu
– Fix (Pro): Browser/Proxy error when IE wasn’t found on the system
– Fix (Pro): License activation problem in very rare cases
– Improved behavior for closing and minimizing the main window
– Performance improvements for writing to settings file
– Simplified and improved the installation process
– Lots of minor fixes and adjustments



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